JCH Abogados

Founded in 1979, JCH Abogados is a prestigious law firm mainly focused on Tax and Administrative Law. Our long-standing excellence in the legal profession has consolidated our position as a leading firm in Mexico.

We are strongly committed to providing high-quality and specialized legal advice to our clients, ensuring tailored attention to their specific global needs. Our innovative and successful resolution of complex cases has allowed us to build trustworthy relationships with our clients.

The solutions attained for each specific case are the product of constant study, research, and innovation that distinguish our experienced and talented team. We focus on providing practical and cost-effective alternatives that suit the business needs of our clients. Our services include solving challenges across borders and practice areas, considering emerging national and international trends.

Core Principles

In JCH Abogados, we are guided by the highest professional standards. Excellence is an essential value for our firm, so we encourage the continuous preparation of our members.

Our team always seeks to anticipate and prevent probable disputes. If necessary, we solve controversies according to a reliable interpretation of the law, considering the needs of our client. We settle complex legal challenges guided by the principles of efficiency, innovation and transparency, safeguarding high-quality outcomes and legal certainty.

The relationships with our clients are based on mutual respect. Consequently, any information disclosed to our team is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. Our unceasing loyalty, honesty and integrity have allowed us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

In our firm we are well aware of traditional and new business models. Therefore, our experts have the flexibility to adapt their work to our client’s business, ensuring suitable and lasting solutions.